Monday, November 23, 2009

The Real Ranbir

We attempt taking her to a movie once in a couple of months.

She can not handle evil characters, fights, even scary music. We have walked out of two animation films, most of these are replete with evil characters and fights.

She went with my folks to Dilli 6. Loved it. Wake up Sid. Loved it.

Yesterday we went for the Ajab-Ghajab film.I was sure it would work with her.

She giggled for a long while. I settled comfortably into the gloss.

And then came, a rather well done, comic fight sequence.

She buried herself into my shoulder, terribly upset.

We got ready to abandon the film, but the sequence ended and she was fine with watching the film again.

At home:

Sanah, why did you get so upset with the fight sequence? Its only a film, its not for real. And the fight, it was all masti.

Yes, I know that the fight is not real but Ranbir Kapoor is real. And the uncle with the hat who toppled down the stairs (the gangster) is real.

No films with her for a long time I suppose.


Banno said...

Another Ranbir fan??

SUR NOTES said...

I suspect its less about Ranbir more about real people playing 'fight fight'.

Rohini said...

Awwww... Ayaan was terrified of the dinosaurs in Ice Age 3 as well...

Space Bar said...

sanah needs a big hug (preferably from ranbir, huh?)

I am deeply shamed to admit it, but I have yet to see a film with this new heartthrob. I need to watch more films.

Space Bar said...
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Pratz said...

aww...she is cute :)

MiM said...

i didnt want my parents to buy a car. ever. after we saw chitty chitty bang bang...
sanah sweetie -- what DOES your mum like about movies anyway?

Poppy said...

D does not like movies too - she doesn't get scared but acts bored (I suspect she gets scared but probably does not want us to know)
And all this gyaan I've inferred from two movies : Ice Age 3 in the theater and Kungfu Panda on DVD :)

Movies are for my relaxation I'll be damned if I take her along :)