Saturday, November 21, 2009

The road that led away from everything

There was a road that led to the forest reserve at Kaziranga. And there was a non descript road that led away from everything.

Ofcourse George and Sanah set off away from everything.

Just around ther corner, they emerged, five of them and their mahouts.

They were there to cool off and get scrubbed down. Five elephants chortling in pure joy, that is possibly the image that will stay with her for a long long time.

The smallest, cuddliest one of them reared its trunk to say hello to the little girl who was watching eagerly. I think she swooned.

We just sat around and watched them leave.

The road could not go back to being non-descript.

And we did spot a mother and child pair in the forest reserve the next morning. Wild elephants in the forest.


MiM said...

elephants never forget either.

a little girl from the city watching in wonder is preserved in their elephantine memories for at least a 100 years.

Entropy said...

Really liked your blog.
Am so glad I decide to check the bloglist on mamasaysso.

R. said...

now that was just so delightful to read...can just imagine how wonderful it must've been for sanah. loved the first pic!

Banno said...

I remember standing with Dhanno on a road so similar, maybe the same one. :)

Lovely pictures. Love the idea of the elephants remembering Sanah.

SUR NOTES said...

MiM: :)

Entropy, R : thanks

Banno: behind the aranya guest house, leading up to the anglong karbi villages.

amit said...

the pictures lacks clarity..specially the small elephat meeting the small girl..seems like you dont use flash...