Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seriously Silent Gambling


Warming up,
the archers chucked their arrows like darts at the target

And then the archers, arranged in a wide semi-circle, began shooting. The arrows whizzed past, silently. The archers kept at it, without a murmur until the whistle blew.

The target,
And the master of ceremonies who counted the arrows

The arrows of each team of archers have different markings. You bet on the number of arrows that a particular team might hit the target.

Its complicated. And it does not help that the whole exercise is over without any shouting, screaming or excitement normally associated with sweaty, hectic betting. It took some imagination to realise that large, very large sums of money had been gambled with.


Banno said...

Interesting. And how did you happen to be at this gambling event?

SUR NOTES said...

Thanks to our friends from Shillong.