Monday, December 14, 2009

Have we met before?

"Hey Sanah, guess who is standing in front of me while I am talking to you?"


"A peacock."

"Put the phone on his ear, let me say something to him."

"He will probably fly away if I do that."

"Tell him we know him, we have met before. Bolo mummy, I want to hear."

An adult lady with funny hair stood in a public place and shouted, "Hello peacock, we have met before."

"And, what did he say?"

"He just nodded his head and continued to look left, and then right and then left again."

Her laugh spilled over from the other end.

Was it the peacock or her mother talking to winged creatures that made her laugh?


Banno said...

She doesn't forget, does she?

B o o said...

So cute. Mom and daughter, both. And the peacock too. (just in case hes reading too! ;)

SUR NOTES said...

banno: she really does not. possibly because we talk about the places and people we have spent time with...
boo: i looked nervously over my shoulder just to check for the blue beauty.

mim said...

in your year-ender about posts that readers loved, please mark this down as the mim's favourite post

Banno said...

Anyway, the NID campus is unforgettable. I've been there only once, stayed only one night, but I can never let go of that image of those peacocks and the clean lines of those buildings.

dipali said...


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