Friday, December 04, 2009

Straight talk

We went into more temples and churches than ever before.

She was charmed by the ritual and the colour of it.

But some things left her bewildered.

She picked up a flower that had fallen on the path and wanted to offer it to the idol.

No, I said, I dont think you should offer a dusty flower. People around might not like it.

But you said we should never pluck flowers, so how come all these people have plucked so many fresh flowers and not waited for them to fall on the ground.

And a couple of days after we got back she asks,
Why do we have to pay god to pray to him?

She did remember the crassness of the hustling priests at every corner.


dipali said...

She asks all the right questions!

farinaz said...

She sure does!! She's a sharp one!
Love the pic with the flowers in focus against the backdrop of the pan masaalas!!!

ChoxBox said...

so what did you answer?!

SUR NOTES said...

Choxbox: To both questions i said, thats why I avoid going to temples.I am not sure why it has to be like this.

Mama - Mia said...

reminds me of how i was similarly pissed by age 7 me thinks!

and yes, i dont go to temples much either!