Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Image 1

I have been digitising this footage for the past couple of days.

Its odd going back to material shot ten years back. It instills the same urgency it did when I came into the editing room with the 40 hours of footage.

It also brings back a string of images that I collected in my head while preparing for the film. Images that were never filmed but formed my notion of the film I wanted to make.

I used to take a double decker bus from the main road to go to Jari Mari every afternoon. It would usually be in the afternoon when the sun was high, and the roads sluggish.This particular area I was passing through was cluttered with hollow shells of factories that once buzzed with workers and machinery.

The bus stopped, at a signal or a jam. I was at the upper window. I looked out and found, at my eye level, a part of the wall of a factory missing. I was looking into the first floor. The wall had probably been dismantled to allow for the machinery to be lifted out. In the hush of the silent factory,a mother rocked her baby. She looked up, probably disturbed by the incessant honking of our bus.

I travelled down that road recently. A layer of shiny chrome buildings had shrouded the grimy factory, its machines,its workers and the intimacy between a mother and child.


dipali said...

I'm so glad to see you back again!

Things can (and do) change so quickly.

Banno said...

Good to have you back. :)

These 10 years have seen such drastic changes, in cities, landscapes, people, attitudes, haven't they?

I still remember some images from 'Jari Mari' which I saw a long time ago.

Sue said...

You're BACK. Yay. Now to hunt down Poppy and Mags and Dot, maybe.

Calcutta keeps changing but the lanes and alleys stay much the same so I can still direct people around parts of town, thank god!

mim said...

i like to read of the sursensibilities

Rohini said...

Ooh you're back! Yay!