Sunday, August 15, 2010

Turning Five

We had a rubbish party!

A week ago all her friends were asked to collect interesting pieces of junk for the party. Many mothers called to say the kids were busy at work.

Sanah and I fished out some junk only on the last day.

Few hours before the party I put together some big cartons and boxes to form a castle that was a bit taller than the tallest child invited. And then the kids arrived with their junk. Busy fevicol hands worked for two hours. A little cardboard box was fashioned into a lift attached to a string on top of the tallest turret. I fashioned doors and windows on demand on many many boxes that became the rooms added onto the castle. A huge thermacol sheet became a pond in front of the castle, it had red waves and some purple waves with green button fish. It even had a diving board made out of some strange unidentifiable part of a toy car.There were many additions to the castle that defeated architectural practice, many that denied any purpose in functional terms, like the two long thin structures that jutted out of one side, just... The decorations were elaborate, the final detail was a large shiny bow made out of paper that was stuck to the top, then onto the driveway/entrance. Kids did wash their hands like maniacs to "get the damn (fevicol) spots off" but then they went right back to messing around and at times generously putting onto a neighbour's legs, hair and clothes.

And though it was a junk party, all the food was home cooked and non junky and walloped down by some very hungry kids.Nothing can be more satisfying than bowls and bowls of a lot of food wiped clean.

It was exhausting. My limbs ache today. But I shamelessly enjoyed my five year old's party!

The five year old said the party was "nice, but not nice nice like my fourth party." And why was that nice nice, "because you made up that 'alphabet soup in a pot' game and I got a prize."

Shall post photos of the castle soon. It really was beautiful at the end of it. Very lopsided, but very beautiful.


Sue said...

PICS! This sounds like such great fun. What a lovely idea.

Banno said...

What fun! Please post the photos. And a happy belated birthday to Sanah.

SUR NOTES said...

Will surely post. but am travelling for two days, will post after.

pappu poppins said...

sounds like a really fun birthday party!!

Rohini said...

What a brilliant party idea! Can't wait to see the pics.

Happy fifth, Sanah!

dipali said...

What a fantastic idea! Waiting for the photographs.

Ekta said...

Looks like fun. We are so into theme based bday parties complete with a DJ console, MC, tattoo/face painting and all that blah....

This sounds more like our era celebration...80s & 90s.

Belated Birthday Wishes to Sanah.

Would love to see the pics.

SUR NOTES said...

pappu poppins: i need to thank you for your mum's recipe for the cake. the homemade cakes were a smashing hit, both in school and at the party, i even managed to do some pink icing which is the one and only detail that bowled my daughter over!

Thanks all. It was great fun, and required very little work and expenses...I think i enjoyed it as much as the kids.