Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lack of traffic jams wreck plans and postpones political indoctrination

I wanted to go Dahi Handi hopping with her.

We got into into an auto but bypassed the hopping. The road was clear, so we did not stop at the train station, nor at the handis tied up waiting to be broken, and we passed various trucks spilling over with racuous govindas.

The road was really free of traffic jams, so we bypassed them all and instead zipped to a friend's office and dropped by to say hello. A clear road can wreck havoc to plans.

She was content gaping at the govindas hold aloft their trophies as they passed us on their trucks and tempos.

"But why do they have the flag on their trucks today? Why the flags today on janmashtmi?"She seemed more peturbed than curious.

She is five, and she probably should not begin rolling words like fake nationalism, political parties and their populist machinations in the garb of supporting religion, off her tongue. I let the question slide by.She will have her own distinct take very soon.

Thank god for a city that provokes questions, even though they are uncomfortable.


mumbai paused said...

If only some of the flag wavers asked these questions

SUR NOTES said...

mp: i could not agree more.