Friday, November 12, 2010

A promise made last year

I visited this village last year.

I made friends with the children and promised I would come back with my kid. I stayed in Rukaiya's home.

Last month, We went to a concert organised by the villagers, a concert of the masters, who sing sufi poetry.All the singers were from villages close by. It was magic.

And the kids were happy I kept my promise.

I did not see Sanah for most of the day, she ate spicy potatoes and thick bhakris without any complaint just because she was so hungry playing on the dunes.(she cant handle spices, and does not like potatoes)Ten at night, I finally dragged the bunch of girls and ordered them to crash on the matresses in the tent. They were all asleep and cuddled to their respective mums in different corners of the tent, as the music when on through the night.


Banno said...

How amazing! Sanah looks so content.

Rohini said...

What an awesome experience!

dipali said...

Seems fabulous!

Choxbox said...

WOW! can you adopt me Sur? Please?

SUR NOTES said...

Choxbox: done deal! so now i can get carpentry lessons at home!