Thursday, November 11, 2010

the long time ago place

While working on a 'Beauty and the Beast' jigsaw puzzle,

"I have the puzzle, i dont want to see the film"

"ok", i say, distracted by the work i am doing on my computer.

"When you were small did you see the film?"

me:"No, i read the book, there was no film made then."

"I also want to go to that place."

me:"Which place?"

"The place when you were small, where there were no films. I dont like films."

oh dear lord!


mumbai paused said...


SUR NOTES said...

:), hardly.

she refuses to see films, probably because we talk films all the time.
(she willingly watches my films, and happily dozes off half way through.)

dipali said...

Interesting, this, Sanah not liking films!

Choxbox said...