Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the market

I kept trying to click an image of a mother carrying her child all through the trip. It just did not work out.

And on the last day of the trip, as we drove around Lagos with an old friend and batch mate from film school I saw this lady carrying her baby in the market, it was evening, the camera was set on slow shutter speed and the stripes swirled around her.

This was our first trip together, away from Sanah. We were both on work so could not have taken her along.

If she was younger I would have just strapped her to my back and gone on with my work.


Anonymous said...


mumbai paused said...

Rani of Jhansis!

Banno said...

Nice, Sur. It is easier to lug them around when they are younger, isn't it? The older they grow, the more the complications. :(

dipali said...

Lovely photograph.
Those were the days, when you could work with a little Sanah near you.
Are you back yet?