Wednesday, December 08, 2010

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Sanah joined a new school in June this year.

Within the first few days she was going on about Z, her new best friend. Sanah stayed loyal to her friends from the last school, calling them up, fixing up to meet etc. But she was equally excited about her new friends, Z, in particular.

Z will leave kindergarten next year and go to the 1st. sanah will stay on in kindergarten for another year. (they dont separate junior and senior)

The teacher has been anxious, so has Z's mother, about the impending separation. I am not too worried. Friends hold onto each other, or not, its a process we all muddle through. (I have held onto friends I was with from the 2nd std- even though I changed three schools after that, and four cities)

But its beautiful, as a parent, to see bonds develop and transform the child.

Z's mother sent me this message yesterday, 'You know I have seen Z turn into a brave kid because of Sanah's influence. And last night when Z got after Sanah's life to wash her hands, i was amazed. coz this is exactly what friends do, watch out for each other.'

Its not cool to see an adult turn to mush peering into the lousy display of a crappy phone.

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Rohini said...

Too cute. A very girl thing though. Ayaan and his friends only seem interested in creating mayhem :)