Wednesday, December 08, 2010

paint cannot be separated from the painting, can it?

Blue nailpolish that Z, her friend, has put on Sanah's nails the previous evening.

Sanah is delighted. She knows her mother hates nail polish. She knows her father is vocal about it.

Z and Sanah promised that they would remove the nail polish at the end of the day.

Sanah refused at the end of the day, "it matches your skirt mamma, please let it stay on"

I relented.

The next day.

The father: "Sanah I hate whats on your nails. Its eeky."
Sanah: "Oh you hate paintings" she says to the father who is an art gallery junkie, and wants to take Sanah for each exciting art show he encounters.
The father: "You know I dont hate paintings, i love looking at paintings"
Sanah: "This is paint on my nails, its painting. If you like paintings you will like this."

Its cool to be the adult watching from the sidelines, not cool at all to be the one bang in the centre of the battlefield.


Banno said...

She's smart, the kid. Good for her. I gave up the battle on nail paint ages ago.

wordjunkie said...

Went through that battle myself a while ago, only to discover that while the Imp luuurves putting on nail polish, what she enjoys even more is the whole process of taking it off, with acetone and earbuds.

Sue said...

Aww, let her have her nail polish. I have the most horrendous pics form around Sanah's age when my um would dress me up so prettily and I would gallop off to my aunt and load myself down with bindis and clips and bangles and assorted rubbish. I thought I looked so cool! Makes for cute memories, however cringworthy the pics.

dipali said...

What impeccable logic!
(I would hate to have to argue with her myself)