Saturday, January 22, 2011

mish mash on the tree

This post is three weeks too late.
But I really want to do this every year, record the little things added to the tree, all gifted some time through the years.

In 2009 I hurried back from Ahmedabad on 24th Dec so that we could put up a tree in time for christmas -for Sanah. I had spent two weeks in Ahmedabad, on work. On 23rd I lamented that I did not have enough time to get something interesting to add to the tree decorations. Just as I was packing to leave an old friend showed up with a paper packet stuffed with little kites in every colour.

Striped snakes and red chillies - a strange trinket that was gifted to the child by her nani two years back. Its made of glass, so it was duly packed away with the christmas decorations by the ever cautious mother.

A white kangaroo her father picked up for her when she was 1 month old.

A gift from a friend who came to visit her soon after she was born. She ran out of numbers counting them on our recent trip to the desert. She was gifted a big leather one by another friend who works there, Sanah named her Dorothy. Her father tried to get her to change the name to something more place appropriate like Rukmavati, no, it stays Dorothy.

Her closest friend in school visited Bhutan, her mum got both the girls these little dolls.

I have been building a little collection of angels for Sanah. Her nani found this one named George, both Sanah and George were thrilled with this addition.

This miniature crib was gifted to George by my mum's Peruvian friend many years ago.

A motley collection of angels and animals keeping guard.

General christmas cheer- a snowman and a santa whose beard is unravelling, unfortunately.


Aneela Z said...

The kites remind me of some that had "fallen in" our backyard (as in the backyard in Rawalpindi) with choice gaalis for army officers and Gen Musharraf in particular, you know his sexual prowess or lack of thereof (we live in a cantonment).
I know my comment has no connection with all things Christmas decorations... but its amazing how these kites keep on popping up in our life long after our Bo Kata days are over. Christmas tree decorations, children protesting at some mean Brig Uncle!!

SUR NOTES said...

Oh I love that you have added your memories of kites onto our collection of little kites hanging on our christmas tree. You have added to our collection of decorations :)

Shall hope to pass on this story to the child when its age appropriate. Not connected but talking of age appropriate contemporary events - Yesterday I got a news story i could share with the child- the one in which a train carrying BJP fellows towards kashmir was turned around in the dead of the night. the poor sods sat in the train in karnataka, and the next morning they were back where they began from. Sanah's train set is going through a hysterical replay of events.

dipali said...

Such a lovely tree with many stories:)

SUR NOTES said...

Dipali: Hopefully soon, the mass produced, shiny, candy sticks and gold and silver baubles , will be replaced entirely by odds and ends. The caterpillar and snails that you had brought for her was, unfortunately, making the tree sag, so had to go back to hanging on the curtain rod above her bed.

Anonymous said...

delightful post as always


MiM said...

thanks for the photos. my firstborn loved it... esp. george:-) the angel