Friday, March 25, 2011

Castles out of thin air

Well, not thin air but the remains of elaborate paper cuttings.

We have been doing a lot of paper cuttings these days, a ring of girls, a ring of trees, elaborate shaped clouds etc. We painted some, glued some, flew some.

What I did not realise was that the little hoarder was picking each leftover scrap ( the negative part of the shape that had been cut out) and collecting it in a bag. This has been going on for two weeks.

The little squirrel pulled out her treasures yesterday and gave me an elaborate description of how each part can be used to make a castle. These are the windows, these are the carvings on top of the high walls, this could be the entrance, and this just for show ....or something along these lines.

She conjured up an elaborate structure, but what is the base i asked her. Thats when my panic rose, it could be this wall, this cupboard, that bed stand, this table, she said. No, I said. She does know when my no is non-negotiable.

So now we are looking for a base.

She probably has this in her mind

And I probably have a very busy schedule for the next two months on my mind.

But a castle will have to be made.

I say, in the air. She scurries to bring another bag - sticks, stones, wood pieces.


dipali said...

What a wonderful idea! Sanah, go for it, Sur, let it not be 'baseless'!

Rohini said...

Awesome! Go find that base already and don't forget to post a picture of completed castle.