Friday, April 01, 2011

Just live with what you get...

If your parents are freaks, you figure early on that to survive them you have to beat them at their game.

...and so she has figured that she might as well become adept at reading subtitles on foreign language films.

(Small relief that she did not get head bangers as parents. She would want to up the ante in head banging.)

Flipping channels while seeing the news I figured they were showing White Balloon on TV. If you do see this beautiful film then do read about the imprisonment and ban on this filmmaker.

Seeing a little girl as the protagonist had her hooked, rather than her usual stance of ignoring the news.

"Quickly read the lines and explain to me what the girl is saying, why is she sad, why is she crying now, why is that man pulling the snake out, why wont he give her the money, its her money "...... The questions came at me at breakneck speed. Ofcourse I could not keep pace.

"Mummy...",she despaired and began reading out the subtitles. I guess so she could help me keep pace.

And we have put her in a school where they dont teach reading and writing till the child is seven years old. They are going to haul us up for sure, convinced that we are putting her through some extra classes for reading.

(All through my school years I always dreaded the frequent remarks in the calendar.
Now that she is in school I dread the remarks that might fill the pages and once again they will be aimed at me!)

And no, I am not putting on the child friendly cartoon channels for her to be occupied.
One, because the ads on those channels are far more noxious than even the programming on other channels.
Two, because its not an activity we can enjoy together.

She can paint, build blocks, and drape sarees and dupattas on her dolls to keep herself occupied. Not TV. Thats for us to watch together, breathlessly.

About the film: Its about a young girl who gets some money from her mother to buy a gold fish. In that walk to the shop she encounters all kinds of people, situations, ups and downs. Breathtakingly beautiful, and a reminder that a simple walk can let the child experience life in its full glory. And we shepherd our children through air conditioned cars to child safe play and study areas. A walk down a sanitised hospital lobby might give more texture.


dipali said...

methinks young Sanah is doing a good job of bringing up her folks:)
The film sounds wonderful.

SUR NOTES said...

Dipali: yes,a good job indeed.

the film is wonderful though we saw only15-20 minutes of it. it was close to bed time.

Aneela Z said...

Oh I had just LOVED that movie...and even now when I think of it, it is all the incredible light. You are a film maker, what time of the day did they film it? It reminded me of walking by the beach in Karachi,Pondicherry, that feeling of space, and just white light.
Dipali: you must watch this movie, its very sweet and reminds me of Seinfeld, you know a film "about nothing at all" but so much at the same time. It is just about a walk down the road.I had a copy of it on VHS in Thailand, remember VHS!! dont have a VCR any more so I am sure The Man abandoned the copy at some time during our travels.
Have no idea when I will watch a movie that doesnt star Thomas. For Arhaan putting on the DVD means putting on Thomas so we can never watch anything, considering we are living in the times of No More TV FOr The Toddler.That is a thought for you Sur, why dont all of you make your films with a ticker of Thomas running at the bottom? a 2 for 1 Deal I will not say no to.

SUR NOTES said...

Aneela, This time I watched the film for a short time....and I last watched it ages ago. Yes, also on a VHS tape. Shall see it again and get back to you on the light...

And ticker of Thomas, well.... ahem... shall i direct you to the films i make, you might not want things like that be viewed by your child, he might want Dancehall Queen Stacey as the only thing he ever watches, and next he might want the Jamaican Dacehall Queens as a ticker tape on everything else. Not a good idea at all.

KA said...

@Aneela - Havent you discovered ABC's Playschool yet? :) Seriously, its 25-30 mins of ad-free entertainment for kids -crafts, music ,dance&story telling.(and nothing cloying, thankfully!) Not sure if everyone receives the Australian network, there are snatches of Playschool on YouTube.
PS :Totally unrelated, the parody of Playschool's title song in "The Zoya Factor" was quite evil :))

Aneela Z said...

@KA in my other life I am mom to an Aussie, of course I know problem is that the Toddler thinks that if there is no animated adult dancing on screen its just a waste of electricity and TV electrodes. how do we combine our passion for Love Story with Toy Story?

the mad momma said...

arre... this is the post I should have linked up to!