Wednesday, April 06, 2011

report card

A 3 page hand written report card signed love P....

A report card that mentions that Sanah loves to play in the rain and hold sails, and can go deep into play. And this is not a complaint.

It has been a year in this school.I look forward to the years up ahead.

Probably the complaint would be " likes squishing snails", and progress would be, "now she strokes the heads of frogs lovingly."

Pleased as punch about this school that seems to match my space cadetness.


Rohini said...

Sounds lovely :)

pappu poppins said...
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Choxbox said...


We have been lucky to have found such a school too - where the tecaher gave to the lil one because she was an hour late, because she was ‘looking after her father who was a bit not well’.

MiM said...

firstborn just changed schools... and moved to the big school.

but the old teacher from the pre-school has called twice this week to find how he is doing, and says she missed him so much this week at school.

this teacher made me call another parent, and make her mentally prepare her son that my fb was leaving.

because that boy had come to really depend on firstborn and sobbed whenever fb took a loo break.

i love teachers who teach small children with a lot of love.

SUR NOTES said...

Ro, choxbox :)
MiM: she is in the big school! i expect similar report cards for many many years.

dipali said...

What a wonderful school, Sur!

Manjushree Abhinav said...

my report card says, sorry, my kids report card says, pavan sometimes complains that he doesn't like coming back to an empty home.
now how am i to react to this? my mother was never at home when i came back from school, she was working. and i only complained to her, and that too only when she didn't give me attention.
i fear sometimes that these alternative schools might make our kids sissy.

sush writes said...

This is what education has to be about . Talking about emotions nurturing who Sanah is . Lovely days ahead for her . Very happy , indeed .

Banno said...

Nice. What a lovely school this sounds. Where, where?

Divs said...

Beautiful! Even if the school is an alternative type, letting them play in the rain is unheard of. Which school is this?

SUR NOTES said...

Manju: all schools want to kick ass. alternative schools choose the parents over the kids, thats the only difference. :)

Divs, Banno, Dipali : it is a lovely school, and not very close by but we dont mind. Not naming the school because I dont want google searches of the school name to lead to my frivolous post.