Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dont mind your Bs and Ss, thank you

No one thinks there is a small problem with this 'finished off the most wanted man in the world' action thriller of the western movies genre?

You have sailed through another country's air space, blown the head off your favourite villain, and flown back as if it was a breezy sortee on a summer day.It was another country with a valid government, and they might have appreciated social graces, the kind international bodies make mandatory, like prior permissions etc.

And the news channels, they upped the ante after the royal wedding- lets race each other to broadcast the exact same news. Flipping through the news channels was like making a series of perfect match cuts on the announcements from White House. And the links were not metaphorical, but ideological, and boringly also matched physical/spatial continuity seamlessly.The invisible line was never crossed.( scroll to the end to find the film reference)

The only surprise element in the match cuts were the wonderful guys in different press rooms who got their Ss mixed up with their Bs. That is metaphorical!

An important perspective here


Space Bar said...

If you're watching only TV then don't be surprised that the jubilation is unanimous. I think there's a fair amount of critical commentary out there. (I had read Hanif, though. Thanks!)

SUR NOTES said...

Yes, some critical commentary, and different perspectives are out there in the public domain but zilch in our papers, our TV. They are just reporting a badly scripted whodunnit.

Space Bar said...

gah. meant *hadn't* read. (sheesh).

And oh ye - TV. I saw the opening montage of something or the other on NDTV and stopped 15 seconds in. Unbearable.

dipali said...

I don't even want to watch.
What is going to change is what I wonder.