Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Please don't tell what train I'm on

Written when the singer was 11 years old.

Have been humming it and got the child to hum/sing along.

The child was intrigued and tickled by the lines,
Please dont tell what i am train on
They dont know the route I am on

There are so many stories that can begin unravelling with this song, about the singer, her times, her history, trains, running away, listening...

But for a while I think we shall just stay with the notes, and the frail voice.

For the lyrics go here


dipali said...

This was just lovely! I loved the story:)

dipali said...

PS: You are tagged!

Nat said...

loved it....like you said - you can spin so many stories off of it. love the way she tickles the guitar for such beautiful music

SUR NOTES said...

hi nat, thanks for dropping by. i find her voice, her lyrics, her guitar haunting.... na?