Monday, May 02, 2011

Talking about royalty...

We have a very different approach to being romantic- me and the father of my child.

He is ... umm... anti romance. He gifted me a xerox of an academic article on the global flower industry in lieu of roses on valentine's day.
I am...mostly mush, on most days.

We do a little tug of war to gently pull the child onto our respective sides.

"A prince and princess got married today, lets see if its still being played and replayed over and over again", i declared to the child, eager to keep silly, happy stories alive for her.

She was most curious. "A real prince and princess? "

"Yes, in London, remember the poem?"

The TV sprang to life instead of pretending to be furniture in the corner.

We watched, the child and me, the replay of the walk down the aisle, the fumbling with the ring, the kiss on the balcony.

"Sanah, why are you watching this rubbish with mummy?" The father shouted.

"I want to, will they show the inside of the castle? I want to see what that looks like"

She quizzed me on the authenticity of the prince and princess - who is the king, why is the father not the king, why is that small woman in yellow the queen, who is this and who is that, why is this and why not that?

After grabbing the remote and finding the kiss on every news channel the father despondently decided to burst the romantic bubble by making things mundane and matter of fact.
"Whats the big deal with this wedding? Your mum and I also got married like this."

"Was your wedding shown on TV?" she asked, waiting for the inside of the castle to be revealed to her.

The battle between the anti-romantic and the romantic is passe. She burst both our bubbles in one go.


Banno said...

I didn't have you down for the mushy kind. That apart, I was sputtering with laughter at Sanah's comeback line. And why WERE you not on TV? :)

Space Bar said...

what did sanah have to say about that hat - that one one that looked like a beige jalebi? i thought it stole the show.

SUR NOTES said...

Space bar: the wretch would not let us watch in peace. I could have had a perfect mother-daughter moment and introduced her to the wonderful world of passing comments on strange dress sense. Did you notice the weird ghoulish make up of the jalebi hat lady?

Banno: Kaun mai ka lal mere mushyness ko lalkaar raha hai? I would have been on TV- or atleast on VHS if our ftii camera fraternity had not got drunk before the party started!

Anonymous said...

Both the husband and I are non-romantics for the most part, but I got up *early* (4 am here!) and watched the whole wedding - I like weddings (and have been known to browse wedding albums of complete strangers!) Also watched the complete replay with my daughter and had a whale of a time commenting on people's dress sense (lack thereof mostly! :)) The US channels all seem to still be stuck in wedding-snark mode, and the commentary from the fashion community is hilarious! My daughter got an impromptu history lesson on the British monarchy, with commentary on their jewel-grabbing (just HOW many tiaras does the queen own anyway??) and a good time was had by all...


dipali said...

Sur the mushy- an an yet unknown (to me) avtaar!
Sanah is, of course, priceless.
I need to see the beige jalebi hat- missed it:(

Violet said...

:) you could've played your wedding video on the TV, that is if you have one. Why do husbands have to be such spoil-sports??

SUR NOTES said...

M : i leave the albums alone but i cry at weddings all the time. Cheers to the good times and talking about the british royalty's thefts in every country- thats how she has so many tiaras and jewels.

Dipali: You acknowledge that i am as mushy as karan johar and i will email you a photo of the beige jalebi.

Violet: Actually the wedding tape barely exists because of my drunken friends. the poor husband kept asking why i did not allow anyone to hire a wedding video fellow.

dipali said...

Sur, I saw it in today's paper. Ugly beyond belief!

Choxbox said...