Friday, June 03, 2011

My divided self

Me: Please come with me to see Kung Fu Panda.
She: No, you know I dont like films. What if it gets scary or sad? Will you walk out with me? But you like films, so you will not want to walk out of a film. So , no, I dont want to go and see Kung Fu Panda.

1. I have a daughter with a fair degree of logical reasoning. Good.
2.My daughter knows her likes and dislikes, she also knows mine. Great.
3.My life as a mother and as a film buff will stand divided. Gulp.


Banno said...

Oh my god! I hope she gets over her dislike of films soon.

SUR NOTES said...

Yes, it is an 'oh my god!' existence for me at the moment.

But this dislike seems to be for the grandly mounted films. Simple stories bathed in warmth seem to work.

So lilkee and chutkan ki mahabharat she likes, along with mary poppins and sound of music.

Its nice that she is a film snob. :)

dipali said...

Awesome girl, our Sanah! Impeccable logic:)

Choxbox said...

i am with sanah here.

and what are lilkee and chutkan ki mahabharat? please to enlighten.

btw, did you watch stanley ka dabba? would you take her along to watch it?

SUR NOTES said...

Choxbox: lilkee is directed by batul mkhtiar. her blog on the film -

Both the films i mention are CFSI films, absolutely beautiful. You really must consider getting them for your kids and your ngo. There a few gems in that long list.

I guess Sanah finds these films identifiable. I also suspect that the lavishly mounted walt disney etc are too overwhelming in their impact. They dont allow any breathing space for a child. I am not sure about this theory, i know i was a film junkie since i was a kid, so i am grasping for an explanation here.