Monday, July 18, 2011

A tailor

... At the Armenian neighbourhood

If all of us could hang a giant version of the tools of our trade out of the window then we could have some visually compelling neighbourhoods.


Banno said...

And if we had those tools falling on our heads? :)

Aneela Z said...

and i will forget that I am fasting and write a reallly non-halal joke.
Once upon a time someone walked past a shopfront with a hundred different clocks and watches, cuckoo clocks, grand father clocks, digital watches, you have to name them and they were there. The gentleman is in the market looking for a watch so he walks right in and inquires of the portly old man pottering about in the shop for one of his "finest watches, my fine man".
"sorry", he replied "we dont sell watches".
Our man fumes some and asks So what is it you do, Mr. I have a 1001 clocks in my shop window.
" I perform circumcisions" he replies.
"Than why have 1001 clocks up there", he is curious.
"So What Would You Rather I Hang".
Yes, Sur something tells me thats when they gave up on the hanging the tools of our trade and some.