Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turning Six

These photos were clicked a year back.
She will turn six this sunday.

I wish her a lifetime of charted and uncharted maps.

We had walked past a see saw and some swings along the river. She hopped onto them and a little child, walking with her grandfather joined in. They spent a long time together, in perfect sync even without a common language. Her grandfather knew a smattering of hindi, they were from Afghanistan.


Sue said...

What lovely photographs, Sur. May she always find friends wherever she goes, bless her.

Rohini said...

Happy sixth to not-so-little Sanah. Love the seesaw picture :)

Choxbox said...

Happy Birthday Sana.
Lovely pix of a lovely child.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthing day to the mum, and also to the dad, ...
and happy birthday to Sanah! Celebrations, lovely six-year old!

Banno said...

Oh, I missed this post in the middle of all the travelling. Belated birthday wishes to Sanah. May she always have fun on the see-saw. :)