Friday, July 13, 2012

Posed Photographs

I dont like them. I dont know how to click them.

She gave me instructions. Chose her spot, smiled and said, click.

She had chosen Hans Christian Anderson in Central Park. I realised whom she was posing with only after i clicked.

I should trust her judgement.

It was a very cold and windy day. We spent our time loitering around Central Park, too scared to go into the tunnel of winds on 5th Avenue.

And this was an unpublished post written six months back when i had blocked my blog.
I read out The Emperor's New Clothes to Sanah a couple of days back.

I must say I have neglected Hans Anderson in our reading sessions, given the sheer numbers of other exciting contemporary stuff available for children in India.

I recently bought this collection
of Anderson's stories, totally seduced by the illustrations.

For the longest while she debated if the fraud weavers were wily or stupid. My argument that they did pocket a lot of money and gold thread was contested by the fact that they pretended to weave, their hands going round and round in the air, for days on end.

And the child
who said the emperor has no clothes was honest and courageous, sanah insisted that she was a girl. Sanah was not convinced that the people around the child realised the Emperor's stupidity or their own in pretending that they could see the invisible cloth. Sanah felt that they had bought into the idea so completely that they would secretly imagine that the child was also stupid, like them, because she could not see the cloth.


dipali said...

I love her response to the Emperor's new clothes!!! And her posed photo is really nice, too!

thelastbyte said...

Dear Sur,
Where are you? "Teri aawaaz hi pehchaan hai, gar yaad rahe".

I hope you are well and safe.